About Robotic Surgery

When we use Robotic Surgery?

With the Robotic Surgery, any surgical procedures that can be done by laparoscopy in many different disciplines can be performed. Thus, any operations that are known as “closed surgery” by the public can be performed with robotic surgery.  

They include a wide range such as prostate surgery, cardiovascular operations, surgeries of gall bladder and gynecological diseases. This technology is called “minimally invasive surgery” and the surgical procedure of modern era.

The aim is to cause minimal damage to peripheral tissues and to conserve the organs as much as possible when performing the necessary operation on the patient. This is the benefit of the patients as well as important for the surgical success and decreased adverse events.

Why we use Robotic Surgery?robotic

The patient abdominal cavity is entered through small incisions to insert a camera and several miniaturized surgical instruments so that the large incisions can be avoided; postoperative recovery period can be shortened, and patients can return to daily life faster and easier. Robotic surgery provides advantages over laparoscopy.

The robot’s arms contain a magnified high-definition 3D camera that guides and allow the surgeon to closely see the surgical site in 3D and down to the least detail and to recognize and conserve small nerves and blood vessels.

Every movement the surgeon makes is replicated precisely by the robot, which makes an operation perfect, so that any sites that cannot be accessed by the surgeon hand and instruments in an open surgery can be entered with minimal damage to the peripheral tissues.

The primary reasons for robotic surgery include ability of robot arms to freely move inside and perform the function of several surgical instruments at the same time; causing much less hemorrhage; and faster recovery time.

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