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  • Estetik Cerrahi
  • Rinoplasti
  • Yüz Estetiği
  • Lenfödem


    • 2021

      Gent University, Belçika
      Meme Rekonstrüksiyonu

      Dreifeltigkeits Krankenhaus, Almanya
      Estetik Cerrahi

      China Medical University Hospital, Tayvan
      Rekonstrüktif Mikrocerrahi, Lenfödem Cerrahisi

      Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi
      Uzmanlık Eğitimi

      Mersin Üniversitesi
      Tıp Eğitimi

      • Technology Committee, Plastic Surgery Research Council (PSRC)
      • Young Microsurgeon Group Committee (YMG),  American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM)
      • American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM)
      • Plastic Surgery Research Council (PSRC)
      • American Society of Peripheral Nerve (ASPN)
      • American Society of Craniofacial Surgery (ASCFS)
      • Türk Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Derneği (TPRECD)

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