What Is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition, which increasingly threatens public health, and increases rapidly. Although it has been previously described as a behavioral disorder, it is now considered as a disease. Obesity can be defined in tens of ways. However, the most common definition is made on the basis of Body Mass Index (BMI).

BMI = weight/(height)2

For example, if a person has a weight of 70 kg and height of 1.70 meters, then his/her body mass index = 70/1.7x1.7)= 24.2.

Normal: 20-25
Overweight: 25-30
Obese: 30-40
Morbid obese: 40-60
Super morbid obese: > 60

Although no exact information is available about the prevalence of obesity for our country, it is estimated to be around 20% whereas in the US, it is around 30%.

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