Prostate Cancer Frequency Is Rising In The Wortd and In Our Country

Other than lung cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

How much do we know about prostate cancer, which is more common in Turkey’s the western regions?

What are the symptoms? Who are at risk? Is open or closed surgery preferred?

At what ages is prostate cancer mostly seen?

Prostate cancer is generally an old man’s disease. It is rarely seen under the age of 40. It is diagnosed around 65 years average. Thanks to PSA test being done more frequently, a good number of prostate cancers can be detected even if there are no symptoms.

How prevalent is it in Turkey?

It takes second place after lung cancer in men. 31 in every 100.000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in a year.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer symptoms vary depending on what stage it is. The disease does not reveal any symptoms

Robotic surgery method is preferred because there is less bleeding and it has become easier to remove the cancerous prostate while preserving continence and erectile functions in stage one. It is mostly diagnosed on a biopsy done upon rising blood PSA levels. In later stages, a need to urinate frequently, especially at night, burning urination can be experienced due to urinary tract blockage. If the disease has spread, there can be complaints such as bone pain, anemia and fatigue. A definitive diagnosis can be made after a pathological examination of a biopsy taken from the prostate.

What is more common in prostate surgery? Open or closed?

Here in Turkey, mostly open surgery is performed for prostate cancer surgery that we call radical prostatectomy. However, ROBOTIC SURGERY and centers that apply it have been increasing rapidly. In the light of data gathered from the Uro-Oncology Association and robot registrations, we can say that 25-30% of surgeries performed in recent years are done with the ROBOTIC SURGERY method.

How is the ROBOTIC SURGERY method in prostate cancer surgeries superior?

Thanks to the robot, the surgeon can work easily in a narrow space and deep areas. With high resolution 3D image quality and the advanced maneuverability of its thin arms, it provides both the patient and the doctor with advantages.

Due to these advantages that the robot presents, prostate surgeries can be performed with much less blood with better visualization. It makes removing the cancerous prostate while preserving continence and erectile functions easier.

Is the ROBOTIC SURGERY's superiority sufficiently known in Turkey?

ROBOTIC PROSTATE SURGERY is performed since the beginning of 2000s in the world. The first ROBOTIC RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY in Turkey has been performed in 2005 at Florence Nightingale Hospital. Today, the public recognition of ROBOTIC SURGERY is much more than was 10 years ago. By now a part of the patients apply by directly preferring the ROBOTIC SURGERY method. At this point, it is extremely important to inform our patients with correct information and realistic expectations.

Patients are most afraid of experiencing sexual dysfunction and incontinence after the surgery? Is this a possibility with robotic surgery?

After robotic surgery, possible complaints like less bleeding, less incontinence have been observed to be healing faster especially in young patients. In patients whose sexual functions were normal before the surgery, erectile function is preserved better by protecting the nerves taking into consideration the stage of cancer.

We Provide Service For Teams Abroad

Haluk Akpınar M.D. goes to Kuwait at regular intervals upon invitation by The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health and gives support to teams over there. He has taken part in starting ROBOTIC SURGERY programs in Kuwait and Qatar. He cures various diseases including mainly prostate and kidney diseases with the ROBOTIC SURGERY method.

Prof. Haluk Akpınar, M.D. evaluates the state of healthcare in Turkey:

“Turkey, with its modern hospitals where all kind of surgeries can be done, well educated experienced doctors and personnel, is in a pretty good place as far as healthcare is concerned. This can be observed clearly at international scientific meetings too. Turkish doctors are successful in understanding and empathizing with foreign patients."

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