Wrist Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy technique means imaging inside of a joint by a camera. Highly thin cameras (in 2.7 or 2.4 mm) are used in wrist arthroscopy. A small incision is made on the wrist to insert the camera for monitoring inside the joint by displaying the magnified image on the screen. A wrist arthroscopy produces less tissue damage than open surgery, and pain, swelling, and limited movement are less and the postoperative recovery is quicker. This method can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Diagnostic Arthroscopy

1. Investigation of the causes of mechanical wrist pain
2. Confirmation of pathologies found in wrist arthroscopy.
3. Evaluation of arthritic surfaces,
4. Evaluation of ligament wounds

Surgical Arthroscopy

1. Removal of joint mice
2. Synovial biopsy, synovectomy,
3. Intraarticular irrigation and debridement
4. Removal of TFCC ruptures
5. To help correction of intraarticular fractures
6. Treatment of fracture complications

The duration of hospitalization is usually one day for patients to undergo an arthroscopy.

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