Whole Electrical Muscle Stimulation Body Systems

Elimination of pain and loss of function is primarily aimed in the process of the treatment of traumatic, mechanical or surgical problems in the musculoskeletal system, especially involving the spine. The target in the stage, in which the pain of the person is taken under control with physical therapy and rehabilitation methods, is not to face limitations in daily living activities and to improve quality of life. But most of the time, difficulties are experienced during returning to daily living habits, occupation, hobbies and sports; and many patients can hurt the injured area of the body again during these activities.

To exercise with the EMS system creates a great option at this stage. In this system, while electrical muscle stimulation is performed via body-worn vest and electrodes on it, on the one hand, exercise is performed actively accompanied by a qualified instructor at the same time. There is no risk of injury because exercise is performed by considering all anatomic and mechanical features of a person and thanks to electrical stimulation is very efficient. In other words, sufficient reinforcement of whole body and particularly spine can be provided by performing this exercise system performed in one session of totally 25 minutes 2 times per week.

In fact, to activate a muscle with electrical stimulation is a method used in physical therapy and rehabilitation for many years. In cases which muscle is not stimulated due to nerve damage, or in cases which muscle’s mass has been decreased and its strength has been lost these externally applied electrical currents prevent myolysis.

Providing all fibers contained to be contracted in every aspect by electrically stimulation while a muscle is moving, is a method started to be used in recent years. This application, which can be especially applied in the arms and legs with satisfactory results, has gained a new dimension via whole body EMS. Because the interior bracing (core) muscles, which are responsible for keeping body muscles especially the spine straight, can be worked in this system.

By way of an example, deep and superficial muscle groups surrounding the trunk should be worked in order to reduce the load on the spine in a patient who is treated due to back and low back pain. However, an important part of the movements that will provide strengthening of these muscles can cause the persons pain triggered. Thus, spine rehabilitation is realized in a very slow speed and long time. Most of the time, treatment is terminated at the stage where the pain passes. However, rehabilitation of the spine, correction of mechanical disorders without being permanent and prevent the next attacks is the actual need in the next process. Many patients admit with a new attack when returned to his/her life after insufficient rehabilitation.

EMS, carries out the process of return to normal life completely and very quickly after painful period by especially providing strengthening of deep trunk muscles quickly.

'Correct posture, healthy living' program applied in our centers is a unique strengthening program that has been created using these features of EMS (Miha)

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