Who are the candidates for renal transplantation?

Any patient with chronic renal failure can be a candidate for kidney transplantation.

The most common causes of advanced renal failure are diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Diabetes is a serious disease that wears out the body. An additional burden of a renal failure and dialysis therapy to this can make patients even more easily  vulnerable.. Therefore, it is very important to provide patients  suffering from  diabetes with the opportunity to have a  kidney transplantation..

Thanks to the new developments in the area of kidney transplantation, it is now possible to offer transplantation to many patients diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

However, the following diseases and disorders can interfere with kidney transplantation in patients with chronic renal failure:

  • Severe heart diseases, 
  • Lung diseases, 
  • Patients with severe Hepatitis B or C (However, for patients who  have only the hepatitis B or C virus and are exempt from their adverse effects on the liver, kidney transplantation can provide a healthier and longer life than staying on dialysis treatment).
  • Diseases of the immune system that are in their active phases in patients with chronic renal failure developed due to immune system diseases 
  • The presence of active infectious disease, 
  • Cancer recently diagnosed
With the tests being carried out in our center, it  evaluates in detail whether  patients are eligible for kidney transplantation or not.

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