What Does Our Center provide

Things that are provided in our comprehensive organ transplantation center established on the basis of university in kidney transplantation.

Our Organ Transplantation Center, which is continuing both scientific and clinical studies in academic work environment of Istanbul Bilim University, offers the most current treatments to its patients. Not only our experienced kidney transplantation team, strong academic staff present in all branches are being besides our patient during kidney transplantation as well as during follow-up period after transplantation.

  • An organ transplantation center with developed infrastructure in liver, bone marrow and heart transplantations in addition to kidney transplantation.
  • Registering to National Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation List after preliminary assessment.
  • Ensuring recuperation of patients with the gift of life from their relatives via living-donor kidney transplantation.
  • The presence of a successful tissue laboratory that supports many centers all over the country.
  • Preventing growth retardation and bone diseases by timely intervention with kidney transplantation in children.
  • Thanks to our cross transplantation program to create the chance of transplantation for patients that can receive kidney from rare people due to blood group incompliance or high antigenic structure.
  • Ensuring safe kidney donation by performing an advanced surgical technique under camera to people to donate their kidney to their relatives (retroperitoneoscopic technique).
  • Performing kidney transplantation preparation process and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge in patients with Social Security Institution (SSK, Bag-Kur, Emekli Sandigi) assurance.
  • Performing kidney transplantation preparation process and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge in patients with Green Card.
  • Ensuring healthy work of the kidney for many years with follow-up program after kidney transplantation. Also, follow-up of the people giving their kidneys.
  • Ensuring healthy hemodialysis treatment of the patients on hemodialysis by performing AV fistula and graft surgery.

Thanks to strong infrastructure of Florence Nightingale Hospital our organ transplantation center is adding new ones every day to significant achievements in liver, bone marrow and heart transplantations as well as kidney transplantation. It has managed to be the first to come to mind as an important center for organ transplantation, in which new techniques and difficult transplantations are succeeded in our country. It plays a leading role in areas such as implementation of retroperitoneoscopic technique also in kidney transplantation, pediatric kidney transplantation, cross kidney transplantation, transplantation in patients with high PRA with tissue laboratory support in Turkey. Patients with Social Security Institution assurance and Green Card can reach transplantation preparations and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge with the assurance of our center.

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