Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery does not only include the diseases of cardiac vessels but also the disease of other veins and arteries. Vascular diseases gradually increase with the increased average age. In Turkey, the population older than 65 years old was 3.5% in 1985 and 7% in 2005. In addition, because the average life-span has been extended in today’s world, vascular diseases have adverse effects on the life quality and life period of elderly people.

Although vascular surgery is offered with cardiovascular surgery in Turkey, it is considered an independent field of specialty by many EU countries and the USA. The cardiac surgeons in these countries are different from the vascular surgeons. Some part of vascular surgery has been attempted to perform by endovascular surgery (enlarging the vessels with a balloon or stent) with the recent generalization of endovascular surgery. It is possible to achieve better outcomes in some cases when open surgery is combined with the endovascular surgery.

Surgical procedures for aneurysm and other vascular diseases can be performed by both open and endovascular methods. The most current methods are used in the treatment of a varicose vein.

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