Valve Surgeries

Heart Valve Replacement

Heart valve surgeries can be categorized in two groups, valve repair or valve replacement. It is highly likely to repair the valve for patients whose valve disease has not been progressed and who consult with a doctor in an early stage. Otherwise, the best thing to do is a valve replacement. Your doctor will explain you the details and inform you about the procedure. There are two types of heart valves if the valve needs replacement: Biological valves and mechanic valves. The most significant advantage of biological valves is that you do not need to use any blood diluents. However, the average life of these valves is 7 to 10 years. On the other hand, mechanic valves are very long lived. But as they are made of metal, the patients need to use blood diluents for a life time in order to prevent formation of any clots on them.

You should consider a number of factors before choosing the optimum valve for yourself: The first one is your age then type of your valve disease, whether you need to use blood diluents for a life time, if you plan to have any children.

Valve Repair

In the Group of Florence Nightingale Hospitals, port-access or robotic methods can be used for mitral vale repairs.
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