Underwater Walking System

Underwater walking system is a treadmill placed into a tank full of water. The tank is entered after wearing appropriate clothing and filling of desired level of water is provided by the system controlled by the therapist after the door is closed. A very safe exercise becomes applied via treadmill, which may be monitored by the patient. Treadmill speed, water temperature, water level, jet streams are kept under control by the therapist.

Why Walking In Water?

Hydrostatic Pressure

1- Decreases heart rate and blood pressure by supporting circulation.
2- Reduces peripheral edema.
3- Increases the metabolic rate and calorie loss.
4- Supports muscle groups.

Water Temperature

1- Relaxes muscles.
2- Reduces pain.
3- Accelerates circulation.
4- Buoyancy force of water reduces the burden of painful joints.
5- Flexibility increases.
6- Increases 'Core' stabilization.

Water Resistance

1- Supports weak muscles.
2- Increases the intensity of the exercise.
3- Accelerates circulation.
4- Supports movement.
5- Surface tension of the water supports the balance of the patient.

These physical properties of water, which are used for centuries, is in a very htygienic, safe and convenient state in this system.

It is a personal pool and it is drained of water before each patient goes out and refilled with water for the new patient.

The system that is especially used at the period, when the patient started to add load after waist, hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries and surgeries, shortens the recovery time very much.
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