Tissue Laboratory

Tissue Laboratory That Supports Whole Turkey

Florence Nightingale Hospital Tissue Laboratory gives support to many centers in the Marmara region in kidney, liver and bone marrow transplantations. Support in organ transplantation topic is provided to many centers all across the country. Tissue Laboratory is managed by Prof. Mahmut Carin, MD, who is the pioneer of this issue in Turkey with an experience of over forty years.

Today, evaluation of rejection after transplantation is performed in the most closest to perfect way in our tissue laboratory, which succeeded to reflect developments in the world to clinical practice simultaneously. The level of antibodies in the blood of the recipient, the presence of antibodies against the donor's tissue type and even the presence of these antibodies in low or high ratio are most important gains that tissue laboratory provides kidney transplantation. Thus, the reaction risk of the immune system against the kidney to be transplanted can be evaluated well before transplantation. Performing detailed examination of tissues before transplantation contribute significantly to the high success rate of our center.

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