The Process Before Kidney Transplant

The patients with end-stage renal disease who applied to our Kidney Transplant Center are welcomed by our organ transplant coordinators.

After a detailed investigation, it is assessed whether  patients are eligible for kidney transplant by our doctors.

Blood tests, radiological examinations, Cardiological assessments are included in that investigation. These examinations are evaluated by doctors (kidney transplant surgeon, cardiologist, and other specialists) from many different departments, especially the Nephrologist (kidney diseases). 

If a close relative wants to be a kidney donor for you, the donor (who wants to give you one of his/her kidneys) is also examined in detail for living-donor kidney transplantation.

It is essential that the health of the donor should not be impaired. The donor is not injured and returns to normal and healthy life after the transplant. Therefore, detailed blood and urine tests and an abdominal computed tomography scanning of the kidney donor is performed and evaluated by a specialist. Only  donors who are found to be healthy are considered for kidney transplantation. 

In our Kidney Transplant Center, the  process to prepare the recipient and donor for the living-donor kidney transplantation can be completed within one week.

The date of the surgery varies depending on whether the kidney transplant is from a living donor or cadaver. In living-donor kidney transplantation, the date of the operation is predetermined and the donor-recipient is hospitalized the day before the transplant.

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