Tests performed for kidney transplant recipient

Routine blood and imaging tests performed for the kidney transplant recipient are completed within two or three days before transplantation.

Cardiological examinations  such as recent echocardiography are evaluated. Further investigations may be required in cases such as tuberculosis or a similar infectious disease, kidneys leading to frequent infections, policystic kidneys, hepatitis B or C.

Existing diseases should be carefully evaluated before transplantation to ensure everything goes smoothly after kidney transplantation.

All  tests to be performed for a  kidney recipient can be listed as follows:

First-step tests:

  • Hemogram 
                 o HTC (Hematocrit )
                 o WBC (Leucocyte)
                 o Plt (Thrombocyte)

  • Blood Chemistry     
                  o Total cholesterol
                  o Triglyceride
                  o HDL Cholesterol
                  o LDL Cholesterol
                  o Fasting Blood Glucose 
                  o BUN
                  o Creatinine
                  o AST (SGOT)
                  o ALT (SGPT)
                  o GGT
                  o Alkaline Phosphatase 
                  o Total Bilirubin
                  o Total Protein
                  o Albumin
                  o Na (sodium)
                  o K (potassium)
                  o Cl (chloride)
                  o Ca (calcium)
                  o Ionized phosphorus
                  o Mg (Magnesium)
                  o Amilase

  • Endocrinology laboratory     
                  o Free T3,T4,Tsh
                  o Pregnancy Test (in the last month)
                  o PSA (Men over the age of 50 years)

  • Coagulation panel  

                  o Bleeding time
                  o APTT
                  o PT

  • Serology          

                  o Blood Type 
                  o HBsAg
                  o AntiHBs
                  o Anti HBc-IgG
                  o Anti HCV
                  o RPR-VDRL
                  o Anti-HIV 1/2
                  o CMV IgG

  • Cardiological examinations   

                  o ECG (Electrocardiography)
                  o Echocardiography, stress test 

  • Radiology           

                  o Chest radiography 
                  o mammography (Women over the age of 50 years)

Second-step tests:

  • Evaluation of the attending physician

                  o Transplant Surgeon
                  o Nephrologist 
                  o Cardiologist
                  o Psychiatry
                  o Pulmonary Medicine
                  o Gynaecology 

  • Tissue Laboratory testing    

                  o Tissue types
                  o CDC (Cross match)
                  o Flow (Cross match)

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