Techniques Used

A leading team in advanced techniques in Turkey,  we provide donor safety via Retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy.

The most important issue in living-donor kidney transplantation is to prevent damage to the donor. No increased risk should be present for the person, who donated kidney, in future life. People who want to donate kidney to their relatives undergo a detailed examination in our center and passed through a multidisciplinary screening by required specialists. Final decision for kidney donation is given after examining these examinations and specialist opinions in organ transplantation council for the last time.

The largest proud of our team is not to face any serious health problem in any donor under responsibility in more than five hundred kidney transplantation operations. The safety of the donor is the most important basis of continuing living-donor kidney transplantation operation.
In our kidney transplantation follow-up program, not only recipients but also the donors are followed with the annual examinations.

The first laparoscopic nephrectomy operation in Istanbul and the first retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy operation in Turkey were performed at our center by Assoc.Prof. Baris Akin, MD. Dr. Akin was completing his Organ Transplantation upper residency at Ohio State University in 2003 -2004, while he learned kidney removal with "laparoscopic" method in a center, which is the pioneer of this technique in the world. He was the first surgeon started this technique in living-donor kidney transplantation in Istanbul after returning to Turkey.

He used "laparoscopic" method until 2009. Upon observing the possibility of development of adhesions within the abdomen in the donors underwent surgery via laparoscopic technique after surgery, he developed "Retroperitoneoscopy" technique in order to achieve kidney removal using a camera without disturbing the intra-abdominal balance. He provided the opportunity to offer surgery to kidney donors without touching the intra-abdominal organs and without causing permanent damage through this surgical technique that he has performed more than three hundred since 2009. He continues his scientific studies to spread this technique around the world by presenting retroperitoneoscopic technique for kidney removal in living-donor kidney transplantation at international conferences in America and Europe as well as congresses in our country.

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