Sexual Harassment

If the connection and communication between the child and the adult is used for sexual stimulation of this adult or another person, this situation is accepted as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may also be executed if remarkable power or control of a child is especially over this child or there is a remarkable age difference (5 years and above).Adolescents may harrest small children. Sexual abuse in children and adolescents can take different forms: Sexual intercourse, touching the genital region, sitting on the lap, exhibitionism, oral or anal contact, being used in pornographic films evaluated in the abusement group. Most abusers are males. 50% of the cases are not being reported. Events may be due to the threatening of the person who sexually abused children and especially may be due to family ties (10% rate reported in incest) of the incest (sexual contact between family members who are forbidden to marry) . Sexually abused children tend to hide it, sometimes they can contact the physician by creating problems that had nothing to do with abuse. Sometimes they can show excessive or inappropriate sexual behaviors. It is found that there may be increasing psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, fear, aggression, and poor self-esteem. Nevertheless, none of these problems are not specific to child sexual abuse. Children should be communicated alone or together with social worker. During the conversation with the child, comfortable environment should be provided, audio or video recordings should not be made. Children’s statements should be repeated, projective techniques such as event pictures to be portrayed in order for plotting should be utilized. Furthermore, the child's knowledge, credibility and the ability to separate right from wrong must be evaluate carefully.

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