Robotic Thoracic Surgery

An incision of 10-20 cm, called thoracotomy, is made on the side of chest wall in classical surgical procedures in order to access the lungs and other pectoral organs. The cause of post-operative pain is the retractors inserted between two ribs. In some cases, the surgeon needs to make an incision called sternotomy on the front side of the chest.

There are video-assisted minimal invasive methods where smaller incisions are made for many patients. With this technique called video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), the surgeons can perform a thoracic operation without sternotomy or thoracotomy. Although this method has several restrictions and may not be appropriate for very complicated patients, we routinely and successfully perform surgeries for lung cancer and thymectomy using VATS method. In this surgery, two or three incisions of 1 cm are made and no retractors are used.

Da Vinci Robotic system is the most advanced method that takes the surgery beyond limitations of a human hand with three dimensional high resolution imaging.

In this operation, the surgeon operates four arms of the robot using two main controllers in a consol. Our surgeons are licensed for Da Vinci Thoracic Surgery System. Surgeons can see more details than they can see in an open surgery because of the three dimensional high resolution image on the consol. Robot’s computer system can perfectly and precisely transfer the hand movements of the surgeon. The ribs need not to be separated by a retractor and surgeries can be successfully performed through small incisions of 1-2 cm.

Grup Florence Nightingale Hospitals Thoracic Surgery Department is engaged in preventing, early diagnosis, and surgical treatment of diseases of pectoral organs.

We offer our patients minimal invasive (VATS and Da Vinci Robotic surgery) surgical methods and have the highest experience in thoracic robotic surgery and the largest number of patients with lung cancer in Turkey.

Advantages of minimal invasive thoracic surgery:

  • Early and definitive diagnosis
  • Low rate of complications
  • Smaller surgical incisions and less postoperative pain
  • Low rate of infections
  • Smaller scar
  • Lower blood loss
  • Shorter duration of hospitalization
  • Shorter time to get back to normal life

Surgeries we perform with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System:

  • Resections of lung cancer and dissection of lymph nodes (segmentectomy, lobectomy and pneumonectomy)
  • Thymectomy and other mediasten tumor surgeries
  • Wedge resection of lung nodules
  • Volume reduction surgeries for patients with emphysema
  • Sympathectomy surgeries for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands)
  • Pleural diseases (spontaneous pneumothorax, pleural effusions, pleural tumors)
  • Decortication surgeries
  • Plication surgery for diaphragmatic paralysis

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