Retroperitoneoscopy Technique

The Retroperitoneoscopy technique, developed by Prof. Dr. Barış Akın, Director of our Kidney Transplant Center, is a method that makes the kidney donor transplants safer and more comfortable. 

Since 2009, it has been successfully performed in more than 400 volunteer kidney donors in our Kidney Transplant Center. Lectures are given on the retroperitoneoscopy technique not only in medical congresses in our country but also in many international medical congresses in America and Europe.
Our organs (such as the intestine, liver) in the abdomen are located in a membrane called the peritoneum. Through the lubricious fluid in this membrane, the intra-abdominal organs remain adjacent without sticking together.  Entering the abdomen during any operation can damage this balance in the peritoneum which may result in sticking of organs to each other.

With retroperitoneoscopic technique, there is no damage to the peritoneal membrane. In this way, both the risk of accidental injury to the intra-abdominal organs and the risk of developing a sticking between the intra-abdominal organs are avoided. Also, the operation scar can be hidden under the level of underwear with this technique. Therefore, the aesthetic concerns of volunteer kidney donors can be eliminated.

The Benefits of removing kidney with retroperitoneoscopy include:

  • prevention of  damage to the peritoneal membrane
  • prevention of damage to the intra-abdominal organs during surgery
  • elimination of the risk of re-operation due to intra-abdominal adhesions
  • prevention of  gas and bloating in the intestines
  • prevention of  uterine adhesions that would pose a risk for childbearing
  • Minimal pain complaints after surgery
  • Shorter time  to return to the normal life (people who donate kidneys by retroperitoneoscopy can usually go home on the second or third day)

On the other hand, retroperitoneoscopy is a technique that requires experience and attention. The main reason why it is not easily performed  in every center is that  removal of the kidney requires  working  in a more narrow area. 

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