Retrograde Ejaculation Test (searching for sperms in urine after ejaculation)

In some patients whose semen sample does not present any sperms, during ejaculation the ejaculate goes backwards into the bladder due to a problem with tightening of bladder neck, which is clinically defined as retrograde ejaculation (RE).

In case the volume of semen by masturbation is less than 1 ml, whether there are any sperms in urine after ejaculation should be investigated in men who do not present symptoms of bilateral vas agenesis or clinical hypogonadism .  

If any sperms are not found in a patient’s semen (azoospermia) but found in urine after ejaculation, this will indicate a retrograde ejaculation.   

Assisted reproduction techniques are an effective treatment method in most of the patients with RE who have a problem with infertility.

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