As in developed western countries, we also have adolescent pregnancies more common in lower socio-economic conditions and the incidence in society is similar. Adolescent pregnancy in developed western countries is usually outside of marriage and adolescent live pregnancy with their parents or in poor socio-economic environment. In our country 98% of adolescent pregnancies are due to early marriage. Adolescent pregnancy keep the mother from education and working. Adolescent pregnancy is within risky pregnancy classes. Obstetric complications include premature birth, low birth weight babies, increased neonatal and pregnancy loss, anemia and other nutritional disturbances. Pregnant adolescents have less chance in accessing health care. Both mother and newborn are open to many problems. Since Adolescents have not still completed normal cognitive and formal development, they have difficulty in reviewing and accepting the values of parenting. Some concepts can be misinterpreted. Children of adolescent mothers have a higher risk of experiencing adolescent pregnancies.

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