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Treatment approach will be determined by your age, and diagnosis, period of infertility, previous treatments, and your preferences. We will explain, at every stage of your treatment, what is being done, treatment alternatives and what your chance of an actual pregnancy is for type of treatment considered to be applied, and what could be done if treatment failed.

Unlike other treatment practices, a tight and fast communication is established between the patient and the team of test tube baby during the treatment. Your treatment will be monitored from beginning to end by your doctor Nuri Delikara / Tansel Çetinkaya. Doctor Delikara/Çetinkaya will assist you throughout your tube baby treatment from initial interview to diagnostic tests. Our other team members specialized in the field will support this process and each patient will be personally and privately treated.

Nursing team of Florence Test Tube Baby is consisted of specialist and experienced persons to improve your treatment outcomes. One-to-one communication does not only improve your comfort but also reduces your stress and anxiety thus will contribute to improving your treatment outcomes. During this process, one nurse will assist and guide you at every stage of your treatment from your initial interview to pregnancy test.

Our clinical perfectness is the distinctness that our patients say about our center. As a team, we know that infertility is a difficult process including many emotional and physiological matters and causing couples stress.  

Our objective is to provide you with any opportunities as much as possible in order to achieve a successful treatment for infertility. The most advanced treatment protocols and support methods for each type of infertility are delivered by our center.

After planning your treatment, the drugs you will use will be requested from the pharmacy and you will be explained in detail how to use each drug and also provided with a written instruction.

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