Paired Kidney Exchange

Kidney brotherhood 

Two hopeless couples with no chance of receiving kidney from their relatives can get the chance of undergoing compatible healthy kidney transplantation by sharing their kidneys mutually. Paired kidney exchange is also called “kidney brotherhood”.

Despite the presence of living kidney donor, the main reasons why transplantation may not be carried out are:  

  • Blood group incompatibility between recipient and donor: For living-donor kidney transplantation, the  recipient and donor must have matching blood types. For example:  if the recipient is blood type A and the donor is blood type B,  transplantation can not be performed. For performing  transplantation, the blood type of the donor must either be A or O.

  • The situation where the patient can not receive kidney from a relative due to an antigen in his/her blood (incompatibility of cross-matching): Cross matching incompatibility  is a condition that causes severe rejection (organ rejection).

Two candidates, who are registered in our cross transplant program, can be matched according to their blood type, age, gender values.  The candidates are introduced to each other if the tissue and cross-matching tests are appropriate.  The kidneys to be exchanged by both candidates should have a balance at important points such as age and tissue compatibility. Paired kidney exchange can be performed when both patient and donors are accepted. 
For example, let’s suppose a donor/recipient pair, which the recipient is blood type A and the donor is blood type O, that cannot receive kidney from a relative due to high antibodies in the recipient despite blood group compatibility.  These candidates can be paired with another two candidates with blood type O, supposing  the blood type of the donor is A in the cross-match list. In this way, pairing can be achieved for the recipients with blood type O who has the most difficult pairing in the cross-transplantation list.

Our greatest excitement is to save the life of another person who underwent kidney transplant. Therefore, you can contact us to have a further information about our kidney brotherhood program. 

we have been performing paired kidney transplantation in our Kidney Transplant Center at Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals for years now Thanks to this, our team has given  several paired candidates who had no hopes  for a transplant.,  a chance. 

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