Stimulation of Ovaries

Medication used in the process of stimulation of ovaries, also known as ovulation induction, is intended to enable development of more than one egg in the ovaries. Development of more than one egg is desired because some of the obtained eggs will be of poor quality and some will be unable to be fertilized by sperm. Furthermore, the rate of pregnancy will be higher when more than one egg is fertilized and transferred to the uterus.

Fertility drugs that stimulate the ovaries to enable egg development are either in oral tablet form or daily injection that can be applied intramuscularly/ subcutaneously. The drug and dose is determined by treatment protocol selected according to female ovary reserve. Timing is very important in test tube baby treatments. The ovaries are monitored by vaginal ultrasound during the treatment period, and the development of liquid-filled vesicles called follicle which are assumed to contain eggs inside is monitored. Blood samples are also collected to follow development of eggs. The purpose of test tube baby treatments is a controlled stimulation of ovaries. It is also used when spontaneous hatching is not desired.

GnRH agonist or antagonist treatment inhibits secretion of LH and FSH from the pituitary gland and reduces the risk of early ovulation.
How to apply the drugs that you will use during treatment period will be explained and demonstrated you by your doctor and nurse.

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