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Urogynecology - Urinary incontinence in females

Kidneys produce urine continually as a result of filtration of the blood. Urine produced in the kidneys are carried to the urinary bladder via the ducts called ureter. Urine amount varies being related to healthy function of the kidneys and amount of the fluid intake.


The menopause which is derived by the two Greek words 'men' (month) and 'pauses' (termination) is moment of cessation of menstruation permanently following to the loss of ovarian activity. pre-menopausal years covering the period from Normal ovulatory (accompanied by ovulation) cycles until cessation of menses (menstruation) are named as 'perimopozal years of transition' and characterized with irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Again, 'climacteric' derived from the greek Word 'ladder' indicates the stage that a woman reaches to postmenopausal years by passing from productivity ages through the perimenopausal transition stage and menopause.

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