Foreign doctors frequently attend Florence Nightingale Hospital for Liver Transplantation training

Florence Nightingale Hospital's Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) Department is Turkey's leading Liver Transplantation center.

Prof.Dr. Yaman Tokat, M.D. and his team carried out their 1000th liver transplant case in May 2016, 75% of which have been from a living donor.

The first ever crossmatch liver transplant in Turkey and Europe was performed by Prof.Dr. Yaman Tokat, M.D. and his team.

In Turkey, an important geographical location where West meets East, living donor and cadaveric transplants are successfully carried out.

Cadaveric transplants are more common in the Western world. However, in the Eastern world, majority of transplants are from living donors.

In Western countries especially, doctors are learning about living donor transplants from our experience and know-how. Liver Transplant Center Director, Prof. Yaman Tokat, M.D., takes on an important role and presence in the medical world with talks at international congresses exposing the risks, advantages and modalities of LDLT.

Numerous foreign doctors including from the USA attend Florence Nightingale Hospital's Liver Transplant Center for training on LDLT.

The Liver Transplant Center team is made up of experienced staff on the social, scientific and legal dimensions of living donor transplantation and has to date participated at hundreds of congresses around the world. The doctors continue to share their know-how by providing worldwide training.

Alongside the continuous transplant program successes, Prof.Dr. Yaman Tokat, M.D. and his team also perform all types of liver tumor and liver surgeries with remarkable results.

Florence Nightingale Hospital's Liver Transplant Center has lead the way in Turkey with unmatched achievments

• Adult to adult successful living donor liver right lobe transplant program

• Simultaneous split liver transplant to two adults (a liver taken from a cadaver was transplanted to two different recipients)

• Domino liver transplant (removing the liver from a patient with a metabolic disease, transplanting it to another patient and transplanting a liver from a cadaver or a living donor to the metabolic disease patient)

• First dual left lobe liver transplant in Europe and USA (simultaneously transplanting two livers from two different donors to the same recipient)

• First crossmatch liver transplant in Turkey and Europe, managing 4 surgeries simultaneously

• Stem cell transplant to the liver


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Date 11/11/2016
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