Visual Impairments Are Corrected In A Few Minutes

Visual Impairments Are Corrected In A Few Minutes

Nowadays, it only takes a few minutes to have a better vision.

Who are the candidates for laser therapy?
Visual impairments such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism are corrected with Excimer. With this method, certain marks and spots on the transparent outermost layer of the eye that we call cornea can also be removed.

What are the methods performed in laser therapy?
Lasik is the gold standard method for myopia and hypermetropia throughout the world. A flap is removed from the cornea of the eye, laser is applied on the cornea bed and then the flap laying backward is put back. In recent years, a flap is removed from the transparent layer of the eye with the laser-assisted method without the removal of a flap. This new method is carried out with femtosecond laser. This method is not used for hypermetropia but used in myopia.

What is the type of anesthesia used for this method?
Drop anesthesia... The outermost layer of the eye, which we call cornea, is numbed. 1-2 drops of medication is enough to anesthetize. In this way, the patient is prevented from feeling pain during treatment.

What is duration of the procedure?
It takes 2-3 minutes for each eye. This procedure does not require hospitalization. After the procedure, the patient is examined and returns home without an eye patch.

What should be considered after the procedure?
After laser treatment, the patient should pay attention for a certain time not to hit in the eyes, not to rub the eyes, not to allow water in, and take the medications regularly.

Will I feel pain after the procedure?
There is no pain during the procedure. After the treatment, the patient may have blurred vision, stinging, watery eyes and mild pain for 5-6 hours.

Is there a risk for returning of the number?
The risk is higher in people with hypermetropia than those with myopia.

What should be considered before the procedure?
First, if the person is wearing contact lenses, he/she should stop using it for a week. Make-up should not be put on theprocedure day. It would be better if the patient does not wear perfume. We do not recommend perfume for the laser mirrors. The risk for returning of the number is again higher in people who are under age. However, the return of the number is a rare situation.
Can someone underwent a laser treatment have another surgery in the future?
Laser operations are being performed more than 20 years in the world, and all of these patients may easily undergo any eye-related surgeries.

Who are not eligible for laser treatment?
• Pregnants,
• Those with dry eye and keratoconus,
• Those having thin cornea
• Those who have an active inflammatory eye disease,
• Those who have delayed or undcomplete recovery process or immune system disease such as diabetes, rheumatic connective tissue diseases

Why is it not recommended before the age of 18?
Those whıo are under the age of 18, eye development is expected to be completed and progression of eye numbers to stop. 3 or 6 months after the age of 18 years, we should not see any change in the eye number.

Is it possible to perform it in people both with near and far vision impairment?
In this case, the person need to be sure which glasses, near or far, not to wear. There are several lasers for not wearing both the near and far glasses. However, there might be slight decrease in far or near vision that will not significantly affect the person. Although this decrease does not affect the person's daily activities, the patients need to know this situation.

Is the laser treatmnt performed only once?
No, if the structure of the eye is appropriate and should the need arises, the laser treatment can be carried out again.

Is it possible to treat strabismus with laser?
There are types of strabismus that can be corrected with glasses. That’s the type of strabismus which laser treament can be useful.

What is the maximum eye number that it can be performed?
The patient’s eye with the appropriate structure is much more important than the patient's eye number for laser treatment. The cornea thickness is one of the most important criteria for this. The laser procedure is not a difficult procedure if the structure of the eye is appropriate. If the eyes meet the required conditions, we can perform this treatment for myopia up to -10 numbers, hypermetropia up to +5 numbers, and astigmatism up to 5 numbers. If the cornea thickness is not enough, we can never proceed to degrees that much.

Date 1/24/2018
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