With the Tethering Method; Scoliosis, the spine curvature problem, goes away..

One of the problems in surgeries of patients with Scoliosis, namely, Spine Curvature is the fixation of the spine leading to loss of spine mobility.

With the Tethering Method used by Prof. Azmi Hamzaoğlu, M.D. and his team, this problem goes away. The patient’s spinal motion is spared. This provides an important advantage especially in child patients because the child’s growth is not inhibited.
In children treated with the Tethering Method, while the concave side of the spine continues to grow, the convex side is prevented from growing with the tether running through screw heads. This way, the curvature corrects itself in time. The surgical site maintains its mobility too.

Thanks to the Tethering Method,

• The curvature straightens out without resorting to spinal fusion or freeze drying.
• Mobility is not lost.
• Growth is not inhibited in children.

Vertical Imaging and Low Radiation

With the EOS Method, Clearer Image Is Acquired With Less Radiation...

Eos, makes possible the imaging of the whole body or a specific area of a body from the front, back and the sides in 3D projection. The radiation received during this procedure is approximately 10 times less compared to standard methods.

EOS is used especially in imaging spinal diseases like Scoliosis, in other words, Spine Curvature and Kyphosis. Detailed information can be had before many orthopedic surgeries thanks to EOS. With some patients, especially children with spinal curvature, multiple imaging procedures are needed for follow up. There is worrying concern about radiation side effects in growing children who are exposed to multiple examinations with standard methods. EOS stands out with its low radiation percentage.

EOS can image the whole body equally in the same quality. The images being high quality enable the decision taken about the treatment method more trustworthy. Whereas, in standard methods, where imaging quality is not as good as EOS, a mistake made in determining the degree of spinal curvature can affect the success of surgical treatment adversely.

Captures whole body images of a standing patient in a single scan without any stitching or vertical distortion. Frontal and lateral digital images of any length can be obtained simultaneously, with an outstanding image quality.


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