Prof.Dr. Sezer Sağlam, who stated that the studies and developments in cancer treatment progressed at an unprecedented pace, informed us on disease risk groups...

Current Treatment Methods in Cancer"The risk for colon and rectal cancers begin over the age of 50. The incidence of the disease in patients under the age of 40 is between 5 and 7 percent. People above the age of 60 and 65 years constitute the high risk group for stomach cancer.

A significant way was covered on the food. The use of industrial type saturated fat, which we call margarine type, is restricted and the second risk factor is also smoking.

Furthermore, consumation of excessive amount of burnt, charred meat, increase susceptibility to rectal and colon cancer.

Prof. Dr. Sağlam said that “Surgery is the most important choice if there is a tumor that can be removed in all solid tumors except leukemia. The purpose of the surgery is to protect the organ".

Cuban vaccine

Sağlam also touched on the vaccine produced in Cuba and he thinks that it is exaggerated: "CIMAVAX was put on the market in 2011 by the Cuban Immunology Center. The Phase III study, which we are scientifically interested in, did not exist until August 2016. Only one Phase III randomized trial had been performed. 578 patients had been enrolled in the study. However, it is not indicated whether the chemotherapy types that the patients has undergone were equal or not. This is a crucial missing point. There is no written information that patients with stage III-IV lung cancer have undergone radiotherapy. From my standpoint, further studies seem to be required.” 

Approved medication

"The FDA has approved the active ingredient, sipuleucel-T, for prostate cancer. The lifetime contribution of this medication is around 4 months. Cancer-killing virus 'talimogene' has been approved in ameliyat edilemeyen melanoma. However, this method was not useful when a visseral metastasis developed. The usage data of the medication called 'Pembrolizumab’ with the first chemotherapy has come out. Currently, this medicine can be used with chemotherapy in lung cancer. "

Date 2/21/2018
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