Women who got cancer treatment or are going through cancer treatment have a chance of being a mother...

Success is rising every day in cancer treatment. By now it is frequently seen that, a woman who had cancer during her reproductive period and had a successful treatment process, seek medical advice to have chiLdren. Some of these patients can be mothers via natural ways and some by assistive reproduction technology.

Approximately one fifth of breast cancer cases (that is especially common to women) appear during the reproductive period. Therefore wishes to be a mother or have more children continue.

Chemotherapy Drug Dosage Is Very Important

First of all, the effect to fertility of the chemotherapy the patient will go through must be known beca- use some chemotherapy drugs, depending on dosage, affect the ovaries. Acute ovarian insufficien- cy occurs or menopause, namely premature ovarian insufficiency begins years after chemotherapy has ended (before 40). There is no such rule as "the ovarian reserve is totally affected after chemot¬herapy" or " ovarian reserve is not affected at all'. Patients should be presented with options for preser- ving their fertility and informed in detail about the options during the period between surgery and che¬motherapy.

In Vitro Fertilization Has A High Success Rate

At the Florence Nightingale IVF Center around 4000 cycles of IVF applications have been done with a high rate of pregnancy. 50 cases in
reproductive period and mostly in breast cancer treatment have had their eggs and embryos frozen.

Egg tissue freezing, still conside- red experimental and being pra- cticed in very limited numbers, is performed very few times due to it having risks and not having been standardized . It comes up with especially young patients in need of immediate cancer therapy. The eggs being transported out of the pelvis in order for them to be un- harmed by radiotherapy, is another surgical procedure done to be able to preserve fertility.

The real goal must always be the patients' cancer treatment to be completed successfully.


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Date 11/15/2016 editor@florence.com
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