Minimal Invasive Surgery

Cardiac surgery has been through rapid development for the last decade. By means of such developments, the outcomes from surgeries gradually improve and a larger group of patients can be reached.

A patient who has undergone an open heart surgery should stay in the hospital at least 8-10 days then needs a time of recovery for around a month and thus a considerable amount of labor loss emerges. With the new developments, this procedure is possible to perform with less blood, smaller incisions, and without stopping the heart.

First the bypass operations on a beating heart, i.e. without stopping the heart, were initiated and performed successfully. Then, just a smaller incision was enough to perform this operation which was called a “Window Surgery”. And during following years, valve operations have been performed from this small window.

The most significant advantage of this method is that the patients feel less pain and are able to recover faster. With a normal open heart surgery, a patient needs to stay in the hospital for about ten days while they are able to be discharged in 4 to 5 days and get back to their business soon.

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