Mallet Finger

Mallet finger is often caused by a trauma and a medical condition in which the articulation of the tip of a finger is impossible to raise or spontaneous downward curve of the tip of a finger. It is often associated with a trauma. It occurs when the tendon is ruptured, which straightens the finger. Sometimes, the tendon is detached from the area attached to the bone together with a bone fragment. It commonly occurs in the athletes. A ball hitting the finger strongly will cause overstretch of the tip of the finger and rupture of the tendon responsible of making that move.

The hand radiography is required to determine whether a bone fracture is present in patients who visit a doctor for being unable to raise the tip of the finger. The initial therapy is a splint in patients with no damaged bones. The splint for the tip of the finger needs to be use for two months.

The surgical treatment is necessary in patients with open wounds, for who splint therapy doesn’t work, and where a bone fracture is also present. The ruptured tendon is fixed to the bone by surgical therapy.
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