Lung Surgeries with Robotic Surgery 

Robotic Surgery Methods

Robotic-VATS Lobectomy in Lung Cancer,
Robotic-VATS Bilobectomy in Lung Cancer,
Robotic –VATS wedge resections in Lung Cancer,
Robotic-VATS Thymectomy in Lung Cancer,
Robotic-VATS mediastinal mass resections in Lung Cancer

Thoracoscopic Surgeries

VATS Bilobectomy in Lung Cancer,
VATS wedge resections in Lung Cancer,
VATS Thymectomy in Lung Cancer,
VATS mediastinal mass resections in Lung Cancer 
VATS Plural Biopsy, neurectomy decorticasyon, dekortikasyon, bullectomy,
VATS Lymph Node Biopsy, lung biopsy

Other Surgeries


Resections for lung cancer (sleeve resections, neoadjuvant resections)
Resection of Carcinoid Tumors 
Resections for metastatic lung diseases 
Bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, non-malign resections such as hydatic cysts 
Lung resections to reduce volume 
Bullectomy for pneumothorax, etc.


Mediastinal mass resections 
Thoracoscopic thymectomy (VATS thymectomy)
Diagnostic mediastinotomy

Tracheal segment resections 
Removal of foreign bodies
Endotracheal-endobronchial procedures


Pleural biopsies 
Mesothelioma surgery
Neurectomy /decorticationn
Medical thoracoscopy (Pleural biopsy under local anesthesia)

Chest Wall 

Chest wall resections and reconstructions 
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery
Stoma, abscess surgery
Congenital deformity surgery (NUSS, Modified Ravitch)

Diaphragm Surgery

Thoracoscopic sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis (ETS)
Pericardium surgery
Resections of esophageal benign tumors
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