Kidney Transplantation in Children

In our country,  kidney transplant rates in children are unfortunately below the required rates, unlike adult kidney transplantation. The number of centres that can perform kidney transplant in children is limited.

However, successful kidney transplant in children has a great importance in terms of the prevention of growth retardation and saving the very young lives.  

Due to renal failure, children have to undergo dialysis  treatment which may lead to  several problems for them. In children who can not receive peritoneal dialysis therapy, significant vascular pathologies may develop. In some children, due to bone metabolism disorders, bowed legs can occur and orthopaedic surgery may be required in cases with progressive disease.

Above all, living a life that is different from those of his/her friends may also lead to some psychological problems for a child .

In paediatric patients, the options for transplantation from a living donor and cadaver should be carefully evaluated. Kidney transplant performed at a planned time in children is of great importance in order to avoid problems such as growth retardation and bowed legs.

Another priority issue in determining timing for kidney transplantation in children is to find a kidney that is appropriate to the child's weight.  A child over twenty kilograms can safely receive kidney from his/her parents. A large kidney that is transplanted into a small body  ( children weighing less than twenty kilograms) adversely affects their circulatory system  In children with low weight, the option of undergoing a living-donor transplantation immediately should be evaluated in detail by assessing the relatives with a small body size.

For a successful kidney transplant in children; it is of great importance for the surgical team experienced in  children, the anaesthesia team, the paediatric Nephrologists and the paediatric sub-specialists to be in the same center and participate in the transplantation procedure.
Kidney transplant can be successfully performed in children at Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

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