Kidney Transplant Process

One of the most important things in living-donor kidney transplantation is to avoid damage to the volunteer kidney donor. There should not be an increased risk for the kidney donor in the years ahead. 

People who want to be a kidney donor for their relatives undergo a detailed examination in our center  and are examined by many specialists from different departments.

These examinations and expert opinions are reviewed by the organ transplantation council one last time to determine if the person is eligible to be a kidney donor. 

We can proudly say that no serious health problem has been experienced in any recipient under our responsibility and so  for more than 800 kidney transplants performed in our Kidney Transplant Center. 

In our kidney transplant follow-up program, not only the recipients but also the donors are followed up with annual examinations. The safety of volunteer kidney donors is the most important factor in maintaining living-donor kidney transplant operations.

Through advanced techniques performed by a leading team in Turkey, removal of the kidney from a volunteer donor is safe.

The Process After the Kidney Transplant 

Follow-up After the Kidney Transplant

For successful evaluation of the kidney transplant, follow-up after the kidney transplant as well as the operation period is very important.

In our Kidney Transplant Center, all our patients are followed up closely and carefully considering that  the main purpose of kidney transplant is to ensure the healthy functioning of the transplanted kidney and so for years. Thus,  our Kidney Transplant Center places special emphasis most importantly  on is  regular follow-up of  patients and donors after transplantation.

Our patients who undergot a kidney transplant (recipients) are discharged after an average of six days. Detailed information on the medication that our  patients  will use and  issues requiring special attention in their new life is given to them  two days prior to discharge . Patient leaves the hospital with a medication chart and a phone number that can be reached 24 hours a day. Patients are asked to visit the hospital twice a week to give blood for tests. Patients living in distant places may have their blood tests carried out in the regions where they live and sent by mail service without any charges. These blood tests are repeated once a week in the second month and once in  sixth month. Our patients are regularly asked to visit Nephrologist (kidney diseases) control. Also, they can contact our doctors any time they want. 

We also regularly follow our donors who have given the gift of life to their relatives. Kidney donors can return to their homes within an average of three days after the operation. They are invited to the hospital for re-examination a week after they return home. Their subsequent examinations are carried out six months later. Then they are asked to visit the hospital once a year for examination. As a team that closely follows valuable kidney donors in our Kidney Transplant Center, we continue our work, proud  that no kidney donor has ever experienced a serious health problem.

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