Immune System

1. Do you often suffer from common cold and infections?
2. Does it take long to recover from a catarrh and infection?
3. Do you get white spots on the nails or redness of perionychium?
4. Do you suffer from swollen lymph glands of armpit, groin, or under the ears?
5. Do you suffer from allergy or sensitivity, rash, fungal infections like candidiasis, or have you ever had rash with fever?
6. Do you often suffer from furuncles or sties?
7. Do you suffer from inflammation somewhere in your body?
8. Do you eat less than 5 potions of fruits and vegetables a day?
9. Do you always eat sweets or refined carbohydrates (white bread, etc.)?
10. Do you often take antibiotics, or have you frequently taken antibiotics or stimulants?

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