Cervical Cancer Vaccine - HPV Vaccination

Since cervical cancer doesn’t develop in the absence of high-risk HPV vaccines that protect against HPV infection also inhibit the development of cervical cancer. Currently are two vaccines that protect against 16 and 18 which are the most common high-risk types of HPV in the world. types 16 and 18 are the two types which cause 2/3 Of all cervical cancers and most of the abnormal cervical cells leading abnormal smear result. One of the vaccines in use, has a protective effect against type 6 and 11 causing sexual warts in addition to these two types.

Studies show that these vaccines are in very high protective efficacy against the virus types they include and also, even though being less protective, they are efficient against the types of viruses they don’t include. However, these vaccines do not protect against all types of genital virus and, so cervical screening programs are still the most important methods.

Both vaccines will be formed to provide protection against HPV in the first region of HPV infection (genital area). Thus, vaccination when not introduced with HPV or at earlier ages when the possibility doesn’t exist increases the effectiveness of these vaccines and maximizes the protection. Vaccination for girls at pre-puberty period will cause high success since the possibility of initiation of sexual activity is very low.

Men also can be infected with HPV, and the virus may infect their wives. The results of the study about the use of the vaccine in males is still ongoing, and some countries have started vaccinating in boys.
HPV vaccination is very effective in the fight against cervical cancer and a promising weapon. Organized cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination is the most effective method of fighting against cervical cancer.

In Turkey, there is no an HPV vaccination which has been included in the national immunization program by the state. HPV vaccination depends on familys’ own initiative and their economy.

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