Genital System Anomalies

The structures which are called as Muller channels constitute the uterus, tubes and the upper part of the vagina in women by being connected and transformed in mother’s womb. This development is in the first 2 months of pregnancy (5th-8th. Weeks). Problems occurring In this period can the anomalies of uterus – tube-vagina. While some of the problems emerge in the first menarche (when secondary sex characters are present but the first menarche has not occurred, the first menarche has occurred, but severe abdominal pain is present, bad-smelling discharge), other problems may arise as sexual inability or pain during sexual intercourse.

Attention: Mullerian anomalies may be accompanied by renal anomalies, these two systems should be evaluated together, if there is a problem in one of them, the other one should be examined.
The condition of hymen become a full curtain: secondary sex characters are present but first menarche has not occurred, severe abdominal pain each month; the problem is fixed with a small intervention on hymen.
Condition of transverse septum in vagina: There may be menstruation problem, problems may arise during sexual intercourse, patient may admit due to not getting pregnant, patients who have never come for gynecologic examination can be diagnosed when they come for delivery. The condition got back to normal with a small surgical intervention

Condition of longitudinal septum in vagina: Problems may arise during sexual intercourse generally accompanied with uterus anomalies. If it doesn’t cause problem in the patient, intervention is not required.
Uterus anomalies: These create a very wide range. If you have curtain in the uterus, hysterescopy prevents pregnancy losses. If the patient has double uterus , no intervention is performed. Previously, uterus joining surgeries used to be performed for uterus with double horns but today there are certainly not performed. Pregnancy loss rate is high in these patients, but successful result is reached after a few losses. Putting a cervical suture in these patients doesn’t benefit from.

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