Ganglion Cyst (Cystic Hygroma)

Ganglion cysts are usually located around the dorsum of the wrist and can be originated from the joint capsule, tendons, or tendon sheath. They are cystic formations filled with thick lubricating fluid and the most frequent benign tumors on the hand. It is not clear what causes a ganglion cyst. It can be developed after repetitive small traumas. It can appear instantly or develop gradually. The patients usually visit a doctor for swelling. Swelling may be reduced by rest or increased by activity. Sometimes swelling may completely disappear when the cyst is erupted. Overgrown cysts may cause pain when moving the joints.

The cysts that do not cause any complaints should be observed. Although draining the cyst with an injector produces a temporary relief, the swelling often reappears soon. When the cist is painful and causes restrictions in hand movements and functions and when the swelling is overgrown to aesthetically produce a bad appearance, the surgical therapy is required. The cyst is removed with its sheath by surgical operation.

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