Behind the Scenes of Turkey’s $1bn Hair Transplant Industry

 According to the Wired Magazine Turkey is the most popular country in the world for hair transplants. Every month over 5000 international patients choose Turkey for their Hair Transplant.

Our hospital Group Florence Nightingale is particularly popular with the patients from UK and Germany, with many UK patients visiting our clinic at 42 Harley Street London for a preliminary consultation.

Group Florence welcomes new General Medical Council guidance to doctors offering cosmetic procedures...

Group Florence never use aggressive sales techniques or offer dubious deals to entice you to accept treatment. Treating you safely is our top priority and our surgical staff will always answer your questions as fully as possible, provide straightforward information about the benefits and risks of your chosen procedure, and obtain your consent before you travel. After your operation, our doctors at 42 Harley Street are here to give you any aftercare you may need.

That's why we welcome the new guidance issued by the General Medical Council to doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures in the UK. Measures designed to drive out unscrupulous practitioners who don’t care for patients properly are long overdue and welcomed by Group Florence. New guidelines ask doctors to:

  • Advertise and market services responsibly
  • Give patients time to reflect
  • Seek a patient’s consent
  • Consider the vulnerabilities and psychological needs of the patient
  • Provide continuity of care

Some patients have expressed concern about the threat of terrorism in major cities around the world, and Istanbul in particular...

As a hospital, safety and security are at the core of our activities. Our hospital is located well away from regular tourist areas, in a quiet area of the city somewhat off the beaten track. It operates its own private security team. The hotels we recommend are nearby.

It’s sensible to take the same precautions you would visiting any unfamiliar city. Do so and you should enjoy a trouble free visit with the 2.5m other British people who go to Turkey every year.

For the latest travel advice - read the regular updates published by HM Government located here:FUE Hair Transplant News

Hair Transplant patients have noticed the huge array of medical procedures we offer at Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals in Istanbul. One hair transplant patient who went to Istanbul Florence Nightingale also had his eye sight corrected with Excimer Laser process while there for 3 days, benefiting from highest technology at very reasonable prices. Another Hair Transplant patient had dental treatment and had his veneers replaced by staying only one extra day and made his trip definitely worthwhile. Amongst the most popular treatments are; all types of dental work, eye sight correction/eye disorder (excimer laser), non-evasive cosmetic procedures (botox, fillers, mesotherapy) and even the gastric band operation which requires a bit longer stay. You can see all the procedures available on our hospital website

Hair Transplant Turkey - We are Number ONE!

Istanbul has established itself as the Hair Transplant capital of the world in the last two years. The FUE method is now the recognized solution for thinning hair whether it is around the temples, the top or even the full retreat.. As the Sunday Times Style magazine says "Done well, the results are remarkable".

There are many small hair transplant clinics in Turkey but the choice of most the patients is the larger hospitals. Group Florence is a leader among the large hospitals and at our Istanbul Florence Nightingale hospitals around 50 hair transplants are carried out in a week. The safety of the larger hospital and the London office at 42 Harley Street has been the winning elements for us to be the choice of ever increasing number of men and women for hair transplants in Turkey.

See "Inside Harley Street" feature hair transplants on BBC2

The second episode of the BBC2 Harley Street programme focused on cosmetic surgeons and showed a real hair transplant operation at a clinic in Harley Street.

FUE Hair transplants scores with footballers

FUE hair transplant is becoming a favourite for some famous footballers. Following the visibly very successful hair transplant of Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, Scotland football hero James Mc Fadden now has his mop back n top thanks to FUE hi-tech follicle hair transplant, as reported in the Daily Mail.

The hair transplant prices mentioned for these football hereos may be eye watering but you can achieve the same results at a fraction of the price Group Florence Nightingale Hospital A.S. at Istanbul Turkey. The hospital group offers FUE hair transplant starting from £800.00 - a trip to the great city of Istanbul for 3 days will give you time to have your FUE hair transplant, check up and a day to see the sights.

Time to go is now when the flights are at the lowest prices. Contact us at ; info@groupflorence. for a quote and free consultation at our London office at 42 Harley Street.

GROUP FLORENCE is one of the most popular hair transplant hospitals in Turkey.

Hollywood success stories with stars such as Kevin Costner and Jude Law has revealed to men with receding hair the prospect of regaining their youth with a FUE hair transplant. However – with operations in the UK costing up to £10,000 – such treatments are beyond those not getting paid like a Holltywood star. A Hair transplants can take a team of specialists up to a day to complete - so you can understand the expense - luckily there’s an alternative for those on more realistic budgets.

Turkish hospitals enjoy European standards of skill and care, yet at much lower labour rates. Consequently hair transplant prices start at a much more affordable £800. Our specialist FUE hair transplant clinic at Florence Nightingale “Istanbul” Hospital is currently serving around 50 clients a month – making it one of the most popular Hair Transplant destinations in Europe. Two teams offer Hair Transplants six days a week, and a third team is available at our Kadikoy Hospital (also in Istanbul)

The London office of Group Florence at Harley Street is assisting many UK and Middle East patients with their consultation, bookings and travel this winter. Don’t lose time and more hair, book your treatment now !

When is the best time to have a Hair Transplant?

Naturally the best time to have a hair transplant is when you look at the mirror front and back and say "where have all my hair gone?". However, once you start planning, you will need to think about the few days after the operation when you need to wear a little bit of bandage and a cap. Winter and Spring months are a lot easier than Summer with that in mind and that is why our clinics in Istanbul will be particularly busy in the coming months. Of course there are exceptions, like Wayne Rooney's hair transplant, which he would not want to have during the football season and show his newly growing hair on TV. For everyone else, book your Hair Transplant at Group Florence as soon as you can and also benefit from the cheaper flights to Istanbul.

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