Follow-up After Kidney Transplantation

Our center shows the same importance that has been demonstrated to the surgical technique to patient follow-up after transplantation. Because the main purpose in kidney transplantation is to provide the transplanted kidney to work healthy for many years. The most important issue that our kidney transplantation center stand on is the follow-up of the patients and donors within a regular program after transplantation.

Patient, who underwent kidney transplantation surgery, return home after an average of six days. A detailed training is given to the patient on the drugs to be used and on the issues that are needed to pay attention in their new life for two days prior to discharge. The patient leaves the hospital with a medication schedule and a 24-hours accessible phone number, when returning home.

The patient is requested to come to the hospital twice a week to give blood test in the first weeks. Patients living in far places can send their drug levels by mail free of charge from the place they are located. These blood tests are obtained once a week in the second month and in the frequency of once a month in the sixth month. Although our patients are called to nephrology follow-up examination regularly, our physicians are available in problematic situations at any time.

We also take the donors, who have given the gift of life to their relatives, under regular follow-up. Kidney donors return home within an average of three days after surgery. They are invited to the hospital to give examinations again a week after returning home. They give their subsequent examinations six months later. Thereafter, annual examinations are asked to be given. As a team, which is also following-up the valuable people that has given kidney so far, we are continuing our work with the joy of that no kidney donors have experienced a serious health problem so far.

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