Female Hormones

1.Do you suffer from premenstrual symptoms such as breast sensitivity, accumulation of water in the body, desire for snacks, nervousness, and deteriorated mood?
2.Do you suffer from symptoms of menopause such as hot flush, dry vagina, nervousness, ups and downs in the mood, excessive sweating, and night sweats?
3.Do you have irregular or prolonged menstrual periods?
4.Do you suffer from acnes related to menstrual cycles?
5.Do you have problems with sexual urge, lack of sexual interest, or conceiving?
6.Do you suffer from depression, fatigue or anxiety?
7.Have you been diagnosed with hormonal disorders such as endometriosis, myoma, fibrocystic breast disease, or polycystic ovarian syndrome?
8.Do you get hair on the face or thinning hair?
9.Do you have osteoporosis?
10.Do you have fat accumulated on hips and around thighs?

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