Evaluation of the Couple

The highest fertility period in women is between the early and mid 20s. Fertility decreases in the late 20s and early 30s, and further decreases after the age of 35. Fertility in men also decreases with age but does not change this rapidly.

There are many problems leading to infertility. Sometimes there is more than one factor. Diagnosis and treatment is easy in some causes of infertility yet it is difficult in some cases, and neither the woman nor the man is the cause in rare cases. 

Medical tests will be performed if no pregnancy has been achieved although no birth control methods have been used for one year and despite regular sexual courses.

Medical workups should be started in women with the following abnormalities regardless of period of infertility.

  • Over 35 years old
  • Irregular or no menstruations
  • Bleeding between the menstruations
  • Pain during the intercourse
  • History of infection of upper genital system

History of ruptured appendage, or history of other abdominal surgeries

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