Digestive Problems

1. Do you often suffer from distension or gas?
2. Do you suffer from diarrhea, constipation, or have symptoms of functional intestinal disorders, or difficulty in defecation, or irregular intestinal movements? (Indication of health intestinal movement is usually to defecate once or twice a day).
3. Do you suffer from indigestion or reflux causing a burning sense in the chest?
4. Do you have a yellow, white or dirty looking tongue, or lines on the midline, or tooth-related cracks or notches around or sides of the tongue?
5. Do you often suffer from foul breath?
6. Do you lie heavy on the stomach for a long period after eating?
7. Do your stools have/look like any of the followings? (Oily, bad odor, pebbles or small stones like goat feces; sticky, thin and string leaving track on the toilet.)
8. Do you usually eat white refined carbohydrates other than natural whole wheat grains?
9. Do you have a diet with a portion of fruits and vegetables less than 5?
10. Have you recently had any therapies of antibiotics or other medications?

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