Detox Needed

1.Do you often suffer from headache?
2.Do you have skin problems such as oily skin, acnes, itchy hips, rashes, or eczema?
3.Do you have problems with digesting fatty foods, burping, farting, and body odors?
4.Do you have light-colored yellowish or sticky pituitary dirt on your tongue and/or a swollen tongue and/or a yellow or off-white appearance on your tongue?
5.Do you suffer from functional intestinal disorder, constipation, diarrhea, bile calculus, pre menstrual nervousness or distension?
6.Do you have any allergies, or food sensitivity, throat secretion, or nasal flow?
7.Do you often have a bitter or metallic or bad taste (especially in the morning) in your mouth?
8.Do you often take alcohol, fizzy drinks, cola, or coffee and/or drugs, or smoke?
9.Is your diet rich in glucose, refined carbohydrate, and processed food?
10.Do you often go to bed later than 23.00?

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