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The program established within Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is a treatment program used in all cases where biomechanics of the body is disrupted due to any orthopedic, neurological, and even metabolic reason, and musculoskeletal pain, limitation of movement, shape and posture disorders occur related to these, muscle strength and endurance are reduced.

The basic philosophy here is to evaluate the body as a functioning biomechanical system and to ensure all structures building up the musculoskeletal system to operate compatible with each other and smooth, like in a well-functioning machine.

Changes in the modern people’s life cause the formation of functional impairment in the musculoskeletal system, although not structural, starting from a very young age. These cases, which we call posture disorders, actually brings a combination of a much deeper problems. Because not only neck, back and hip pain begins in the process that began with posture deterioration, but also a dysfunction process related to whole body begins. If we consider the body as a building, the spine is the load-bearing column of this building.

So all disorders in this column will affect the durability of the entire building and will lead to more vulnerable to vibration and shock. All the structures that build up the musculoskeletal system interact with each other. Injuries related to all structures in the arms and legs are occurring more often in a person with spinal disorder due to these physical interaction mechanisms, which we call kinetic chains.

It may be said by this biomechanical standpoint that human health depends on a healthy spine.

Especially deep muscle structures of the spine in the lumbar and back region from an internal corset system for the body to be able to perform healthy and safe movements during our actions in daily life. If we strengthen this internal corset system, we will have a healthy load-bearing column, in other words spine. The prevention of the injuries is possible because not only neck, back and hip pain will be controlled as well as the loads to shoulder, hip, knee and ankle will be controlled.

We may have a much more fluent and energetic, less tired musculoskeletal system by strengthening internal corset system. This control and fluency in movements will result in being a painless, happy individual, with a correct posture, low risk of injury and high body perception in our daily lives.

This program implemented in our hospitals covers an average of 10 weeks period, which is implemented in periods of 5 weeks. First, starts with the evaluation of the person by a specialist physician of physical therapy and rehabilitation. This evaluation involves the evaluation of human musculoskeletal system as a mobile system and mainly includes posture, gait, muscle strength and neurological examination.

After determining treatment goals depending on the patient's biomechanical characteristics and disease, one-to-one exercise applications are started by an experienced medical exercise instructor in this system. The exercise system used in program is whole body electro muscle stimulation or with the original name EMS (Electromyostimulation). (MIHA is a brand name in this system). In this system providing electrical stimulation to the major body muscles, the patient is always performing active medical exercise.

The application is 30 min and performed up to 2 times per week. The patient, who worked 10 sessions in 5 weeks, will be taken under control evaluation by a physician at the end of this period. As a result of this evaluation it is decided for the next step. Generally, an average of 20 sessions, in other words 10-week period is required to provide a good posture correction and strengthening internal corset system.

The most important feature of the system is to avoid large and strenuous exercises causing strain on the joints by means of electrical stimulation during performing active exercise. So by performing small, but correct and safe exercises it may be able to achieve great results. Another important feature of this program is the ability to strengthen the interior corset muscles in the deep located around the spine and in charge of protecting it, which we cannot work with conventional exercise programs actually.

The groups of patients, who benefit most from the posture rehabilitation program with whole body electro muscle stimulation, are especially the people who could not return to daily life after the diseases and surgery related to the back and lumbar region. Painful muscle spasms, hernia, osteoporosis together or without fracture, posture disorders and neck, back and hip pain related to this, hip problems and shoulder problems can be included in these. Diseases such as diabetes and obesity due to metabolic diseases, especially with improper fat distribution and posture disorder, are also held within this program.

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