Chest Diseases Center

Chest Diseases Center offers services for basic fields of chest diseases with experienced medical staff. The center has the most experienced staff in the field particularly in bronchoscopy and interventional bronchoscopy. A total of two thousands of bronchoscopies (treatment of tracheal stenosis, cancer-related obstructions, airway fistulas, whole lung lavage) have been performed by now in the center where developments in the field are monitored closely. The center is a candidate to become a reference center both in the country and abroad. With use of diagnostic bronchoscopy practices, endobronchial ultrasonography and confocal endomicroscopy systems, the center will assume a leading position both in scientific field and practical applications. All other diagnostic bronchoscopy practices are successfully performed in the center.

We intend to include lung transplantation in liver, kidney, bone marrow transplantations that are successfully performed, and necessary preparations are currently in process. Chest Diseases Center supports the other transplant teams for lung and a successful transplantation.

Our center successfully practices the latest treatment methods for airway diseases such as COPD and asthma, and allergic and non-allergic asthma treatments are successfully delivered. The latest methods are closely monitored and practiced for endobronchial volume reduction techniques that are widely used for COPD and yield favorable outcome.

Other diseases that are diagnosed and treated within chest diseases discipline are listed below:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of interstitial lung disease
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of pleural diseases
  3. Sarcoidosis
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Rheumatic diseases with involvement of lungs
  6. Pulmonary emboli

Specialty Fields of the Team:

  1. Diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy
  2. Treatment of tracheal tumors and stenosis
  3. Lung transplantation
  4. Respiratory intensive care and mechanical ventilation
  5. COPD treatment
  6. Diagnosis and treatment of asthma

Our center plays an active and leading role in academic field as well. The second ECBIP-European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Bronchoscopy, one of the most important congresses for interventional bronchoscopy was organized in Turkey this year, and Dr. Levent Dalar, one of our medical professionals, was charged in both organization committee and Scientific Advisory board. He successfully represented the center with numerous scientific studies. He has also a large number of congress notices and published articles in the field. Our center globally plays a leading role with different ongoing projects in this field.

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