Chest Diseases

Pulmonary and respiratory tract diseases are health problems that require specific diagnostic and treatment methods and concern many people in the society. Group Florence Nightingale hospitals Department of Pulmonary Diseases offers services for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases with its laboratories and medical staff. The following units offer services for pulmonary diseases:

Interventional bronchoscopy - Pneurnology Center

In addition to diagnostic routine bronchoscopy, the techniques such as transbronchial forceps biopsy of parenchyma; transbronchial needle biopsy with wang needle; and bronchiole-alveolar are used. Furthermore, therapeutic bronchoscopy procedures include intratumoral injections that have recently become important in bronchial carcinoma. Pleural needle biopsies and talk pleurodesis procedures are also performed.

Lung Functions Laboratory

In addition to conventional ventilation tests with sensormedic devices, total volume of lungs, diffusion measurements and pulmonary function with effort tests are conducted.

Special Polyclinic for Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is difficult to diagnose, and the patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis are monitored for life-long by our polyclinic.

Smoking Cessation Polyclinic

Given that nicotine is a substance that causes a severe addiction, pharmacological methods are used under the guidance of psychosocial education for smoking cessation.

Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Asthma

The patients diagnosed with asthma by our center undergo periodic pulmonary function tests to keep their disease under control. The patients are free to share their problems with our trained staff at any time.

Respiratory Physiotherapy Center

The patients with chronic respiratory distress are treated with inhalation therapy as well as respiratory physiotherapy. The critical element of treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases is that patient should learn to live with the disease. The life quality of the patients is improved with education provided by our staff.

Allergy Unit

The patients suffering from allergic rhinitis (hay fever), allergic asthma (cough, choking, wheezing), allergic conjunctivitis, and urticaria (rash) undergo allergic skin tests. Specific Immunotherapy (hypoglossal and subcutaneous vaccines), the only treatment affecting the source of the disease, is applied.

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