Cardiovascular Surgery

From the date of establishment, the performed operations include 40.671 heart surgeries, 95.919 angiographies and PTCA procedures. We offer our experience and knowledge of over 30 years to the service of the public. < p>Annually, average of 2000 cardiovascular surgeries is performed at the hospital. The procedures include the followings:

Adult Heart Surgery:

1. Coronary Bypass

2. Minimal Invasive Surgery

3. Valve Operations< /p> a. Valve Replacement

b. Valve Repair

4. Arrhythmia Surgery / Atrial Fibrillation

5. Robotic Heart Surgery

6. Vascular Surgery

7. Major Vascular Surgeries (Aneurysm, Dissection)

a. Saphenous Artery Diseases < /p> b. Abdominal Main Artery Aneurysm

8. Carotid Artery Surgery

9. Vein Diseases

a. Varicose veins

10. Foot Problems in Diabetes

11. Heart Transplant and Supporting Systems

12. Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Heart Transplant and Supporting Systems

Congenital Cardiac Surgery

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