Cancellation of Treatment

IVF cycles can be cancelled for many different reasons such as a few or excess number of follicles developed. The rate of cancellation of cycles due to lower response to medication stimulating the ovaries increases with age (particularly over the age of 35). Cancelled cycles due to inadequate response of ovaries can allow attempts for alternative treatment strategies for later trials and better responses. Sometimes, cycles can be cancelled for “Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome” (OHSS) resulting from excess number of follicles developed.   

We are well aware that this will cause a great disappointment but you should understand that sometimes medication must be discontinued to avoid possible complications and increase the chance of success for future periods. In the cases where cycle must be cancelled you will be advised to stop the injections. In this case no hCG will be injected or egg collection will be performed.  

Cancellation of the cycle does not mean that you have no other chances to receive a treatment.  Your treatment planning will be reconstituted for the next trial in consideration of your previous treatment process and your chance for a pregnancy will be increased with more suitable treatment.

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