Brain MRI Spectroscopy

Brain MRI Spectroscopy

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy is the MRI method measuring the amount and distribution of metabolites in the brain. The differences between the chemical compositions of these metabolites are shown as a graph. It is a very useful examination in the differentiation of masses seen in (malignant tumors, abscesses, demyelinating disease, etc.) Brain MRI examinations. Separation of these diseases, determining the degree of malignancy of tumors is vital in terms of treatment planning. In addition, plays a critical role in in management of patients who are treated surgically and/or with radiotherapy and in differentiation of tumor recurrence or radiation damage.

To obtain good results with this method MRI devices (3 Tesla) having a high magnetic field strength are required. Here, we perform high quality MRI spectroscopy examinations via 3T GE HDx device with renewed technical features installed at our hospital.

Perfusion MRI

perfusion MRI is a method that shows perfusion of the brain and plays an important role in deciding to treat the occluded cerebral vessels by emergently dissolving them with angiography by comparing it with diffusion MRI examination of the stroke patients. Perfusion MRI also provides very important information in presenting the degree of malignancy in the brain tumors, in follow-up of the recurrence or regression which may develop following to methods such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In these examinations, the superiority of the MRI device with 3 Tesla power is known.

MRI tractography

Diffusion-tensor tractography displays the pathways having special functions formed by the brain cells connecting to each other. Demonstarting the adjacency and the relationship of these pathways with brain tumors is essential in planning the tumor surgery and removal of the tumor without harming the patient. It is also used in presenting the spinal cord injuries in stroke and multiple sclerosis.

Functional MRI

It is the method that shows the center where some brain functions are at. As a result of successive fulfillment of the predetermined commands (such as counting fingers, reading the images projected in the eye quietly) the blood flow in the center where it belongs in the brain increases. The resulting increase in signal intensity is displayed by coloring. Performing it on devices with high magnetic field strength lead s to the achievement of better results.

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